Jubilee Celebrations at the Village Hall

4 June 2012



There was a wonderful turnout of around 100 people to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee at Duddenhoe End Village Hall on Monday 4 June. It was particularly heartening to see such a spread of age ranges present.

The hall and its guests were awash with red, white and blue as everyone entered into the true spirit of the occasion bringing plates of food to share. There were cupcakes and sausage rolls in abundance.

Our sincere thanks to all who came along and especially to the Parish Council which generously provided the soft drinks, tea, coffee and champagne for the Loyal Toast. This was carried out with great gusto and followed by a hearty rendition of three verses of ‘God Save The Queen’.

The occasion was captured by a village photo on the steps of the hall during a rare burst of sunshine.

Entertainment for the little ones included ‘Pass the Parcel’ and ‘Pin the Tail on the Corgi’, the latter won by Clara Williams. Our Jubilations fancy dress competition prize went to Nathanial Houghton (3) and sister Emily (7).

Those who had not over-indulged on cake and champagne appeared later at Mayshot Orchard for the lighting of the Jubilee Beacon. The entire day was a wonderful celebratory event that truly brought our community together.