Village Walks to Local Pubs - 2010

The Red Cow

23 September 2010

A small group set off across the fields for a leisurely walk to the Red Cow, Chrishall on Sunday 19 September.

Despite an earlier panic phone call from the pub’s new landlady to report that a power cut had left them without cooking facilities, all was restored by the time we arrived.

The roast beef lunch was excellent and we are sure that D Enders will want to support Alexis and Toby (who is also the chef) in their new venture.

The Elmdon Dial

9 August 2010


"I think last night was one of the best village nights out we've been to since we moved to Duddenhoe End.

We really had a great evening.

A few people commented on how pleased they were to see the village socialising and how they were looking forward to supporting future DEVH events."

Brian Barker

Fifteen people joined the evening walk across the footpaths to the Elmdon Dial on Friday 6 August. Although not perfect summer weather, the heavy rain we had experienced during the day held off for us to enjoy a leisurely stroll, pausing to admire the mares and foals en route at Lofts Hall Stud. A pleasant meal was taken at The Dial with a goodly number afforded the chance to get to know some of their fellow villagers a little better. The more intrepid of our number braved the walk home by torchlight whilst the less adventurous, who had left cars earlier in the day, drove back.