Quiz Night - 11 November 2006

Over 50 hopefuls were put to the test in the annual quiz and Bangers and Mash Supper held in Duddenhoe End Village Hall on November 11.

The event was organised by the Village Hall Committee whose members had the task earlier in the day of peeling and cooking pounds of potatoes and onions and preparing lots of lovely sausages. The committee would like to thank Charlotte and Donald Tuke for donating the potatoes and onions and also loaning cutlery and crockery for the supper.

Thanks are also due to Jenny Hughes of Littlebury Green who compiled the quiz.

The event raised a profit of just over £568 for village hall funds.

The next event will be a party on December 9th at 6.30pm to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the village hall. This will be an event for the whole family and will include party games, a bar and a free buffet.


The winning team celebrating by dipping into their prize of a large container of sweets.