Wine Tasting with a 'Twist' - 15 July 2006

It was flagged as 'Wine Tasting with a Twist' and this event at Duddenhoe End's Village Hall on July 15 certainly had an hilarious twist to it.

Over 30 people attended the event and, after sipping away at their complimentary drink, it was a case of getting down to the serious business of the evening of learning how to blend wines.

The novice wine blenders were split up into eight tables and given a couple of glasses, one of which contained a quality wine. Instruction and a demonstration was given by Charles Hardcastle of wine merchants, Joseph Barnes & Co, and then, after sipping the wine the novices were furnished with other bottles of wine and had to put their palates to the test by blending these other wines to get as near as possible to the original quality wine. And that was not as easy as it sounds.

Buckets were provided in which participants were supposed to spit out the wine after sniffing its bouquet and swirling it around the taste buds but it was noticeable that, if a certain wine tickled the palate, it did not end up in the bucket! The novices had eight tries at blending both red and white wines and it was obvious long before the end of the evening that everyone was having a whale of a time.

During the interval there was a 'shove the coin' event with the chance to win a magnum of wine and this prize went to Colin Sparrow of Duddenhoe End. Everyone who had bought a ticket for the wine tasting had their names - even if they were unable to attend the event - entered in the grand draw for a case of wine. This prize was sponsored by Genesis Financial Services and won by Maisy and Duke Blatchley, also of Duddenhoe End.

This event raised about £205 for village hall funds but much more is needed to meet the cost of recent repairs and redecoration work in and outside the hall.



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