Duddenhoe End Village Hall Refurbishment Programme

Stansted Airport Community Trust


Duddenhoe End Village Hall was constructed in 1931, and much of the original material is still present in the fabric of the building!

In early 2011, aware that some parts of the structure were in need of replacement and repair, the Village Hall Committee identified a refurbishment programme aimed at addressing these issues.

The prime objective was to replace the windows, which were showing signs of rot, but gradually one thing led to another......

Whilst replacing the windows it made sense to fit new front doors and emergency exit doors. And whilst the windows and doors were receiving attention this would provide the opportunity to replace the interior walls; these being warped plywood which had seen better days. And if the interior walls were being replaced then proper external wall insulation could be installed as there is none.

The toilet area also needs serious attention, so this was incorporated into the plan - to knock down the current partitions, put in a new floor, erect new partitions, tile the walls, and refit the sanitary ware.

And a lack of proper storage had led to the little-used stage becoming a furniture repository. Why not construct a storage area in such a way that would afford us extra floor space in the hall itself, and allow for a 'roll out' stage/platform when required?

The came the question of heating and lighting, giving some attention to the roof interior.....

However, a line had to be drawn somewhere, else we were going to end up with a very expensive project which needed some very serious financing.

Accordingly, we identified the following programme of works which 'fitted together' and made sense to undertake as a single, unified project:

Replace the windows, front door and emergency exit doors

Replace the interior walls and put in insulation to the exterior wall

Refurbish the toilets

Remove the stage and replace with a storage area.

Quotations for this came to more than £30,000, a sum of money way beyond the resources of the Village Hall Committee or the hope of fund-raising locally!


Evident that third party funding was required, and with the assistance of the Rural Community Council of Essex, we submitted successful applications to several grant awarding bodies, and we are very grateful to the following organisations who have donated the sums of money shown:

Uttlesford District Council Community Project Grant Scheme - £3000

Stansted Airport Community Trust - £2000

Big Lottery Fund ('Awards for All') - £7000

Viridor Credits - £10000

Tom Amos Charity - £10000

Giving us a total of £32,000 which is enough to cover the programme of works that we have identified.

New Windows

You may have noticed that the new windows and doors have been installed, they went in just before Christmas, and already they have made a big difference to the hall,

The main refurbishment work began in mid-January, and this is planned to take about four weeks

We will provide temporary accommodation for the Keep Fit and Puppy Training classes whilst this takes place.

Progress is documented photographically below!.


Out with the old windows and doors.....



...and in with the New!




Out with the old interior ......



...and in with the New!