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As a village that no longer has a shop or a pub, Duddenhoe End Village Hall is the heart of our community and one of the few places where we can come together to meet..The village hall committee will be re-doubling efforts over the coming months to provide a range of social activities which we hope will provide the opportunity for this to happen. We hope that you will all support us. 'Newcomers' are especially welcome.

If you would like to be kept informed of social events and activities by email, please send your email address to Martin

Music Night at Duddenhoe End Village Hall

20 May 2019

Who, hearing the music, seeing the neighbours of 22 years meeting for the first time, or the three year old boy purposefully copying Annette, in time, with his egg shaking, could not call the Duddenhoe End music evening a fantastic success?

Granted there was some disrespect for the musicians, with a few talkers at the back of the hall, but for those many who came forward and listened there was unanimous satisfaction with the varied programme.

The admission was free but bar takings were £503. The profits will go to the hall for maintenance and up-keep..

Many thanks are due. Firstly, thanks to the musicians who played for free and with such quality. Thanks also for embracing the informal nature and spontaneity with your joining together.

Secondly, thanks to the Village Hall Committee who prepared the Hall, staffed the bar, and cleared up after the show.

Finally, thanks to the villagers who came and gave us an attendance of over 70 people, right across the ages.


Parish Council Minutes of Meetings

18 May 2018

From now on, matters relating to the Parish Council (specifically the Minutes of Meetings) are available from .the Elmdon Parish web site. The link to this is given on the 'Records' page.

Village Design Statement

28 Feb 2019

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